Our Mascots!!!

Under the first FunActivity participants created their own mascots! Here they are:

Mouflon mascot from Cyprus!

Mouflon Mascot from Cyprus!

Caterpillar mascot from Belgium!

Caterpillar Mascot from Belgium!

Dragon mascot from Brno!

Dragon Mascot from Brno!

Elmo Mascot from Helsinki!

Visit this external link to view the mascot: http://www.huilailee.net/AL/elmo/index_elmo

“The mascot is a practical multi-purpoce tool. In it´s selling package it looks like Rubik’s cube) without same colour on each side. The mascot can be shape as a robot like a man and as several other shapes. When the mascot is assebled right, it looks like a multiracial human wearing white jacket and black pants.


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