12 participants…

7 countries… 5 days together in London!

The journey is still on and the best days are yet to come!!! Selected participants are already warming up for the workshop, getting to know each other, doing FunActivities and sharing them with the group, creating a multi-layered fun learning experience for all!

From creating their own mascot and exploring the Olympics, what a mascots symbolises, to assessing websites, looking at how user-friendly and accessible they are, in general and considering their personal access requirements.

There is more to happen!

We are planning 5 days with hands-on workshops, touch-tours, interactive experiences in some of London’s greatest museums, visiting Olympic sites to get a flavor of the London 2012 Games and discover how welcoming to disabled and elderly people it can be!

The organising team is excited…and very busy finalising all minor – but important for our participants – details! We are confident we will provide an unforgettable and most inclusive experience!


Best regards

The team

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